The Egoscue Method

You might be asking yourself, what is The Egoscue Method?

Created by Pete Egoscue, 20+ year veteran of exercise therapist, The Egoscue Method is a Postural Therapy program. It is designed to treat pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation. Mr. Egoscue believed that the cause of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and the subsequent pain, is the lack of motion that humans require to live and thrive without technology.

Our bodies were designed to move. Walking, running, playing. Maybe even climbing trees and way back in the day, throwing spears. With invention of the automobile and modern technology at our fingertips, we humans have become sedentary.

Most of us only consider doing a marathon if it comes to binge watching your favourite show on Netflix and not running an actual marathon.

As we sit for hours on end, behind the wheel of a car, at our desk, or on the comfort of our sofas, our lack of movement often decreases what our bodies can do.

Through a series of stretches and gentle exercises (E-cises), The Egoscue Method, was designed to bring the skeleton back into proper alignment, relax overly contracted muscles, strengthen muscles that have atrophied and restore proper anatomical balance.

With The Egoscue Method, the eight load-bearing joints (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles) are bilaterally aligned with a fully functional musculoskeletal system.