Covid-19’s Effect on Our Body

Our bodies are designed to move!  There is no way around this.

Unfortunately since we have been hit with the Covid-19 pandemic our lives have become even more sedentary.  Where before we actually had to walk from our parked car or train station/ bus stop to work and back – these days working from home means we only take a few steps from bedroom to kitchen to study or home office.  And there we sit all day long with minimal breaks in poor posture.

Even our bathroom breaks are a mere few steps there and back.

BUT…. Our bodies are designed to move!

Our sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us. Our organs are slowing down, our muscles are becoming stiff, tight and weak. Depression, anxiety and hopelessness is rife during this time which is exacerbated by the lack of movement. Our bodies are meant to move in order for it to function at it’s optimum.

Without movement your body starts to slow down or shut down  – 

Respiratory System:  Compromised Breathing –   Sitting hunched over our computers or mobile phones is not doing us any favours.  The rounding forward of the shoulders puts undue pressure to our chest which closes in, and impinges our lung capacity.  We tend to breathe very shallow which means we are not getting enough oxygen into our body.  When the chest is open with shoulders back, breathing becomes easy and deep –  filling up your lungs and body with the much needed oxygen to feed the brain and more importantly, every cell in your body.

Immune system:  Compromised breathing leads to a compromised immune system.  And with the pandemic sweeping the world, we need to build up and boost our immunity.  Vitamins, minerals and a healthy diet of fresh, natural, organic food plays a huge role in building up the immunity and so does your posture.  Poor posture means poor, depressed immunity.  Good posture means good health!    Change your posture and you change your ability to keep corona at bay and if you contract the virus, you will have a fighting chance of recovery.

Lymphatic System:  The lymphatic system aids the body in eliminating toxins.  However, it requires movement to do so!  The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pumping mechanism like the heart or the lungs – it relies purely on you moving your body!  The simple act of a brisk walk gets the lymphatic systems to push out those toxins thereby improving your immunity and boosting your energy.

Here I have only discussed three systems in your body that are effected by movement or the lack of movement.  Health Through Motion is where it’s at!  Now, think about the effect the slightest change in the above three systems will have on the rest of your organs and body.

Your body works as a unit.  So, altering one aspect of your body has a huge impactful domino effect on your entire body.

Below is a video with an exercise routine to help you change your upper body to open up your chest so that you can breathe better thereby building up your immunity and pumping the toxins out via the lymph system.

Start moving today!