Covid-19’s Effect on Our Body

Our bodies are designed to move!  There is no way around this. Unfortunately since we have been hit with the Covid-19 pandemic our lives have become even more sedentary.  Where before we actually had to walk from our parked car or train station/ bus stop to work and back – these days working from home means we… More

Your Body Works as a Unit!

“Pain is not something to be feared; it is something to be understood.”  ~ Pete Egoscue Are you experiencing Chronic pain and/or Limitation? We help when no one else can. The Body works as a unit! Everything in the body is integrated.  Your posture effects your mindset and your spirit the same way your mindset effects your… More

The Egoscue Method

You might be asking yourself, what is The Egoscue Method? Created by Pete Egoscue, 20+ year veteran of exercise therapist, The Egoscue Method is a Postural Therapy program. It is designed to treat pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation. Mr. Egoscue believed that the cause of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and the subsequent pain, is the lack… More